“L’envol” (Spread Wings) is a homemade stop motion animation short film directed in 2020 between
two lockdowns in France. Made with love, for fun and to help pass the time.

A lone penguin waddles around with an egg. After a close inspection of his surroundings, he starts out
to build a cozy nest. But something went wrong with his companion…

BY  Milana Vorobyeva Ksenia Barzakovskaia (FR)

Milana Vorobyeva is a young artist from Kazakhstan, currently based in Toulouse, France. Following her passion for art and filmmaking, she came in France to study in 2013. After graduation she started working as a stop-motion set decorator and props maker. Ksenia Barzakovskaia is a Russian filmmaker. After obtaining her first diploma in economy and business she spends many years travelling and studying filmmaking across the world; from New York, Buenos Aires and Zanzibar to Paris where she is currently based. Milana and Ksenia met at Audiovisual School (ENSAV) in Toulouse during their scholarship. In 2020, to pass the time after the first lockdown, they decided to make a short film “L’envol”.