“Still there” is a video installation that deals with irritation as a state. Situations in which the perceivable does not appear to be assignable can cause discomfort, uncertainty, and also fascination. In an attempt to insert an inconsistent fact into your logic, strange in-between stages are generated that appear eerie due to their abstract aesthetics. Using Frame Blending as the main method, the computer seems to act independently by transforming given pictures and generating new intermediate images.

BY  Marlene Reischl and Sophia Hochadliger  (AT)

Marlene Reischl is currently studying Time-based Art in Linz, Austria. She works with a variety of Media including Installation, Video, and Sound. Her works are based on the abstraction of individual elements whose impression is intensified by multiplication and create a poetic simplicity and an independent aesthetic. Visualizing the invisible, indicating the hidden and drawing attention to the overlooked are recurring themes. Sophia Hochedlinger, born in 1996 in Upper Austria, studies Time-based Art at Kunstuniversität Linz. She works with Video and Film. Her work concerns topics like gender, forms of relationships, powerlessness, and empowerment.