Incirrina is an electronic- minimal synth duo based in Athens,Greece, formed by George Katsanos and Irini Tiniakou.
They use both analogue and digital equipment to develop a distinct sound and a dark and melancholic atmosphere.
In this live set they perform a selection of songs from their debut LP “8.15”,also from the digital release “Utter” and from the split 7inch “Devastations-R.Daneel” they released together with the band “The Man & His Failures”.

BY  Syd Records (GR)

Syd Sessions are casual meet and greet events that take place in a small - in size- record store named Syd, located at the beating heart of Athens, Greece. Artists have the opportunity to chat with their audience while people can watch exclusive gigs by both the ever-growing Athenian alternative scene and international artists that tour and stop by. Syd Sessions is a precious asset of the cultural life in Athens, broadly known for their excellent and affable events, which enrich the music activity in the city life. For the 2nd ADAF online and the 17th edition of Athens Digital Arts Festival | tactus we formed a precious synergy, unlike any precedent, to present an exemplary program composed by extraordinary local electronic artists that we believe every digital enthusiast should know about and take notice of. This program is materialising with the support of the audiovisual group, project 210 who aim in documenting the essence of the city of Athens, and by the precious curation of Manos Karakatsanis, renowned greek musician and mastermind behind Syd Sessions, all in the super interesting and slightly unconventional premises of Syd Records Store in Protogenous Str in Psyrri Athens. All sessions are taking place in camera due to covid restrictions for physical spaces.