A collaboration of a Tehran-based artist Foad Alijani and a Tokyo-based one Mina Arakaki from the beginning of 2019. In this project Alijani takes street footages in Tehran, Arakaki shoots ones in Tokyo in the same perspectives as they set some common keywords before filming, then they produce a film work consisting of their footages.

BY  Foad Alijani and Mina Arakaki (IR)  (JP)

Foad Alijani is a Tehran-based transmedia artist. He is known for his site-specific installations and performances. He sees visual arts as an ongoing dialogue between mental images and the material world. Alijani refers to his artistic process as an imitation of creation. A variance, boundaries, space, and the environment are the most relevant keywords forming the core of his works. Currently, he uses the word “incoherence” to describe his experience of living in the current contemporary era. Alijani graduated with an M.A. degree from the Soore University of Art, Tehran in 2015. He has exhibited his works in the domestic and international art scene. He has worked in residencies in South-Korea, Germany, and France. In addition to his artistic practice, Alijani works as the artistic director of the Royanegaran design studio since 2010. From 2018 he founded Paadmaan projects as one of his artistic projects in terms of curatorial activities. Mina Arakaki was born and raised in Tokyo, Japan. Since 2007 she has been exhibiting work that is inspired by experiences and discoveries she has made of her daily life, mainly surrounding her interpretation of the interplay of dark and light in urban areas at night. She pays attention to easily ignored, ordinary objects or scenes, and tries to capture both her inner appreciation of those moments, but also as a way of recording larger societal movements as well. She paints not only on canvas and paper, but also utilizes empty boxes of food and other commercial containers, as well as paper bags, with the same sense of "drawing on the back of flyers" she retains from her childhood. Recently she has also worked on wall paintings at bouldering gyms, as well as collaborations with other artists.