The project “the boy” is a part of the new series of works by KEZ3000. KEZ3000 is the alter ego of the Greek street artist KEZ known for his murals. This new series of projects came as a result of engaging with digital art and NFTs on the TEZOS ( blockchain. “The boy” is a digital collage of photographs and combines the analog and digital worlds. The work is inspired by the inner spiritual – cosmic, power-energy, wisdom and inner knowledge that exists within humans, but also all living beings from the moment of their birth. Here is depicted an ultra-bright ethereal body, full of flow and health in a timeless setting. An ethereal body in all its glory.

BY  KEZ 3000 (GR)

KEZ is one of the most interesting artists of the Athenian street art scene. With a special painting style and a recognizable design technique that refers to engraving, he has left a strong imprint on street art, as it has been shaped and developed dynamically in recent decades." Its main influence is the harsh natural landscape of Athens, a heterogeneous and constantly changing landscape. The artist derives his subjects mainly from Greek mythology and the history of painting, from works of art that approach literary texts.Three recent murals in the center of Athens are indicative, "Erotokritos and Aretousa", "Dante's Inferno" and "Penelope". In parallel, he creates digital art and NFTs on TEZOS blockchain ( using his “alter ego” KEZ3000.