The “Downfall” is a minimalistic interpretation of Różewicz’s poem from 1963 “Falling, the vertical and horizontal elements in the life of the man of today”. Falling and rock bottom are analyzed in the context of dimensional space. When infinity is unstoppable, humanity looks up for borders.

BY  Elżbieta Anna Wieland (PL)

Elżbieta Anna Wieland is a Polish 19-year-old Animator. She is a graduate of Piwoni Private Music Schools in Szczecin, which she summarized in 2020 with a diploma concert of her two main instruments: alto saxophone and piano. Elizabeth is a former musician of Pomeranian Youth Big Band led by BA Tomasz Licak. She has accomplished many workshops in Karol Lipński Academy of Music in Wrocław lectured by PhD Ryszard Żołędziewski. She currently studies at the Academy of Art in Szczecin, where she is in the Animation Workshop taught by PhD Izabela Plucińska and BA Dominika Wyrobek. The Animation „The Downfall” is my film debut.