Atoms are not solids.Their behavior is very like that of ball lightning but in miniature. They are tiny spirals of pure electrical energy. The universe is electrically-driven, fractal and composed of a hierarchy of electrical flat spirals. A fractal describes a geometric shape that has the same patterns at many different size scales. Quantum mechanics has a weird relationship with fractals. In physics, it is well-known that electrons behave very differently in three dimensions, two dimensions or one dimension. But whatever happens in non-integer dimensions is extra ordinary.
In a magnetic field the structure of the states available to electrons takes on a distinct fractal form, it is called Hofstadter’s butterfly. In this case, the structure of the material that holds the electrons doesn’t really matter too much; it is the interplay between how the electrons move around and the magnetic field that generates the fractal. by calculating the dimension of the electronic wave function, the researchers observed that the electrons themselves are confined to this dimension and the wave functions inherit this fractional dimension. Terrestrial ball lightning, at a few feet in diameter, is between galaxies and atoms in size. But despite the disparities, it shares the physical and electrical characteristics of both: their spirality, their stability and independent, self-contained nature and their capacity to generate energy. Being a fractal is a solution for a system to interact with himself and not to be confined.

BY  Mohamadreza Tazari (IR)

Mohamadreza Tazari (b. 1988, Tehran, Iran) is a Filmmaker, New Media Artist and Photographer. He has received his B.A in Painting from Faculty of Arts and Architecture of IAU, Tehran. He is working in the field of video art, music video and short films and has directed several music videos for Iranian and international artists such as The Irrepressible and Emancipator. In recent years, he has focused on his art projects and audio-visual performances. Most of his works are based on scientific concepts like Fractals, Geometry and the Chaos theory. He is also obsessed with astrophysics and cosmos. The artist is trying to represent the concept of “Everything is Connected” in his creations. He has exhibited his works in international festivals in United States, UK, Spain, Germany, Italy and Portugal. Beside more than 15 group exhibitions. In 2019, He won Madatac X Award for the best video art of the year in Madrid.