What if Machines could gossip like humans? The human need for progress has caused us to shape ourselves like the very tools we create. Is it still possible to define the boundary between humans and technology? Media Artist Quintus Glerum attempts to question this boundary by exploiting one of the oldest and perhaps most controversial human abilities: Gossip! The Gossip DataScape is a generated conditional narrative that discusses the primal ability of gossip through the perspective of machines. Everyone who enters this virtual panopticon, leaves a character behind. Together these characters become the subject of the endless gossip between two moderators that govern this world. The more time you spend in their world, the more you will spark the imagination of the other inhabitants that might result with them evolving a similar primal sense of gossip that brought humans together in primal times.

BY  Quintus Glerum (NL)

Through the course of Glerum’s life he has tried to get a better understanding of himself by mirroring his image to that of machines. While our tools are created for a specific purpose, we do not have the same luxury. Why do we act the way we do and what are we supposed to do? What does it mean to be human and why would someone even ask these questions? Media Artist Quintus Glerum (based in Amsterdam, Netherlands) addresses these questions by offering situations that reflect on what it means to be human when our image is mirrored by the gaze of machines. He uses his background in animation and fine arts to play with different realities and hypothetical worlds that move between the physical and digital space.