Mina lives alone in her apartment accompanied by three little house spirits, the Kitchlets, who feed off her positive emotions and take care of her negative ones. This film originates from places of uncertainty in oneself. The Kitchlets, were created based on many mythologies around the world that cover the idea of house spirits. It makes us wonder about how peoples and cultures (from the Greeks to the Koreans) think about entities that look after us in our own homes. The Kitchlets represent the many forces around us who cohabit the spaces we are most comfortable in. As we go through our darker moments, it is up to us to choose how we embrace these forces.

BY  Clarisse Chua (US)

Singaporean-born, Clarisse Chua studied Art in Japan for three years at the Kyoto Institute of Culture and Language and Tama Art University and graduated from California Institute of the Arts, studying Character Animation, in 2020. Her work is inspired by the myths and legends as well as the different cultures she was exposed to growing up in multicultural Singapore. She continues to learn about different parts of the world to further inform her story-telling. Clarisse strives to tell real stories and emotions through a fantastical lens. On a regular day, she enjoys a nice cup of tea and making miniature items out of felt.