On a beautiful spring day, just after the rain has stopped, a little boy tries to convince his ever-busy mother to go out and play together. Disappointed by her rejection, he goes out on his own, but the whimsical appearance of a butterfly sets him out on an imaginary adventure to rescue his mother from the tedious prison of work and worries. The Little Hero has been officially selected in more than 25 animation festivals and has won nine awards.

BY  Elena Ciolacu (RO)

Award winning illustrator, graphic novel artist and 2D animator, Elena Ciolacu was born and raised in Romania, where she followed her passion for art and visual storytelling from a young age. She studied Graphic Design at West University of Timisoara in Romania, graduated from Coventry University in the UK with a first class degree in Illustration and Animation and eventually moved back to Romania where she undertook a master’s degree in Animation at the prestigious National University of Theater and Film “I.L. Caragiale”. Apart from animation, Elena Ciolacu is also passionate about illustration, painting and creating graphic novels. Her first graphic novel has been awarded two international prizes in London and her second is published in both Romanian and English in Bucharest, Romania.