The film “Tha Magik Change” is a step towards creating awareness about the pandemic-stricken apparel businesses (inclusive of tailors, thrift stores, recycling labels, upcycling labels). Revolving around the uneasy feeling of the happenings at the “katran ki dukaan”, where people are leaving, handing down the key to the last person to leave. It is a reflection of the lockdown and the effects on small scale businesses that lead to huge movement of people across the country due to the unavailability of living wages at the time of lockdown.

BY  Monami Roy (IN)

Monami Roy is an animator and illustrator currently working for her next film "Katran ki Dukaan" which is an animated short film. She has been interested in this field for almost 15 years while practicing its craft for the past four. It's been a learning process for her and she would love to continue making short films that get better and more relatable every time.