Ballet student is gifted a cursed music box. The ballerina in the box comes to life and teaches her ballet.

BY  Ana Carolina (BR)

Participated in the making of the short film “Kevin” (2019), of Beatriz Busana and Aline Barone, as colorist and line artist. Participated in the making of the short film “Passarinho” (2018), of João Francisco Souza, as director’s assistant, colorist, sound mixer and responsible for animation inbetweens. Responsible for the complete production, with the exception of sound effects, of the short film “Mobility” (2020), made during the Make an Animation course from Vancouver Film School in partnership with Faculdade Armando Álvares Penteado. Responsible for the argument and direction, and partially responsible for the script, storyboard, character design, art direction, animation, line art and colorizing of the short student thesis film “A Caixinha de Música” (2021).