The magic sphere of the New Herulians was recently discovered on Earth. It was sent from a nearby galaxy where it is used to detect the emotional status of the galaxy’s inhabitants. With just a touch of a finger, the orb is able to download the thoughts, sensations and desires of its user.

Originally known as the ‘Magic Sphere of Helios’, the orb was created in the ancient city of Athens, valued for its spiritual powers. It has been sent back to its place of origin to learn about life on Earth.

The New Herulians are looking for volunteers from Earth to embark on a psychogeographical journey with the magic sphere. In this experience the orb will read your emotional status, as you share the details of five special locations. In return, the sphere will leave you with a reading of your emotions, and a lifetime of good fortune.

BY  Marcos Lutyens (UK)

This is a collaborative project bringing together the group’s investigations around consciousness in the digital age. Marcos Lutyens is an artist concerned with people’s embodied experience of art. Exhibitions of infinite scale and have been installed in the minds of visitors, exhibited internationally in museums and biennials such as the Guggenheim Museum, Liverpool Biennial, 14th Istanbul Biennial, dOCUMENTA(13); and the Centre Georges Pompidou. Gabriella Warren-Smith is the Director of Cognitive Sensations, an online platform investigating technology and its impact on human behaviour and society. She has commissioned artwork and curated cross-disciplinary projects in partnership with venues such as FACT and The Whitworth Art Gallery.