The order of art? 

Human senses are the medium through which we experience the world, through which we experience pleasure, through which we experience art.


After our pandemic years, everyone is deprived of connection, of touch, of sensory stimulation. The world is in thirst of connecting and experiencing. The redefinition of contact Tactus is suggesting, inspired a performative way to explore the connection of an everyday person with basic senses, the foundation of what we need to perceive the world, to perceive beauty, to perceive art. Going back to the simplest, basic, senses, touch, sound , image and smell, the performer experiences her surroundings,  discovers art in the simplest things, feels emotions, and shares it with the audience through synaesthetic simulation.  Based on videos playing with the principles of autonomous sensory meridian response widely known as ASMR, the performer comments on the current trend mentality of social media and influencers, and their application in reality. She is highlighting positive and negative imprints of this lifestyle in an everyday person’s reality through identification, exploration, deception and humor. A series of small performances taking place everyday at 18:00 on ADAF online platform for a few minutes, are a loyal date with the audience, who can attend the unwrapping of a larger performance which runs through a period of 4 weeks in bits and pieces, complying with the modern internet mentality.Each week will present a different thematic in exploration.



BY  Lydia Lampropoulou (GR)

Lydia Lampropoulou is an architect, designer and visual artist. She studied architecture in the University of Patras and a master in Performance: Design and Practise at Central Saint Martins, University of Arts London. She has attended several seminars of Arts, Scenography and Digital Theater and lately she has been living and working between Athesn and London. Currently working as a freelancer in several creative fields, such as architecture, product, graphic and branding design and artistic productions. Her artwork is based on installations, (what is home for you?, CSM, 02/2020), performance design( NOW, CSM, 12/2019), digital works ( I was just following orders, docufiction,online) και multimedia projects ( New Wave Curiosities,Granary Square, Instagram,06/2021).