“The Pasquino” tells the story of the famous Italian satirical magazine and some of its authors: Enrico Gianeri, Tarquinio Sini and Giovanni Manca. We have explored and put together a large number of archival materials to rebuild the pages of an imaginary edition of Pasquino, able to tell his incredible story of satirical poems, news reports, arrests, wars, fascist oppression. The film brings together different techniques and materials, from stop motion to the digital animation of the magazine’s archive and photographic material.The voice over mimics the reporters of the Istituto Luce and tells in rhymes the courageous battle that the magazine fought with satirical cartoons against power.

BY  Milena Tipaldo Alessandra Atzori Mira Video  (IT)

Mira is the name of a collective composed by Alessandra Atzori and Milena Tipaldo. We work with audiovisuals putting together different techniques, languages and support: live action, classical and digital animation, stop motion, cut out, Augmented reality and others. Mira in Italian means purpose, target. Where desire aims at.. also the verb mirare is the act of observing with wonder and to watch with care. Our “mira” is to create bridges between the different areas of knowledge, and between knowledge and collectivity, to open and unlock a dialogue, using the power of the moving image and the pleasure of watching a short film.