The Zone is a graveyard of human debris. The environment, both dreamlike and unsettling imagery, is an opportunity to reflect on new modes of perception, unconscious urges and system of meaning. The relationship between you and the zone is not defined, yet the longer you traverse it the more it feels your presence. Your senses and your sense of self are a construction and a temporary one. Post humanity begins once the preconceptions of being human are disrupted. The Zone is designed to be experienced in physical space, so please consider the use of headsets and to be in a place where you can feel comfortable

Programming: Burkart Schwaighofer, Dominik Strzelec and MAMORO
Music: Fabian Lanzmaier and MAMORO

WASD and arrow keys to move
Spacebar to jump

BY  Martina Jole Moro (IT)

MAMORO is an architect currently based in Vienna, Austria. She is experimenting on multiple media and combines physical and virtual space for immersive experiences. Her work is often developed through gaming software and focuses on stimulating the perception of surrounding ’ s physical, sensory and ethical identities. She is also collaborating in live performances together with artists and musicians, where she develops stages that are dynamic and responsive to the live act.