This performance premiered on 14o Athens Digital Arts Festival #SingularityNow in Athens Megaron on the 24th of May 2018

In the sea of life and work, many persons swim and drown. And We stay on the surface, as living specimens of this struggle for survival, loosing slowly our initial form and taking the general form of man. Sans gender, sans age, sans homeland.
Within the framework of my “Live Painting” which began in 1985, with “The Scorched Fish” and continued with a series of similar works up to the complex huge tragedies, to finally end up in “Ten Vision Points” in the summer of 2017 in Paphos, now I suggest myself as a screen on which some people (among many others) will be symbolically portrayed, contributed to the creation of this man, this work, called Kostas Tsoclis. And this, not so much to attribute justice (which I would have liked it), but to create another work of art and to push “Live Painting” to its ultimate boundaries.
With this work, I do not claim that I propose a new vocabulary, but, with already known words, I write another poem, the beauty and diachronicity of which, I can not predict.

BY  Costas Tsoclis (GR)