NIESATT is a neologism consistent of two German words, nie (never) and satt (full, enough, satisfied).

If NIESATT is read backwards and the double T substituted with a D it reads Dasein (being in this world or exercising being).

TTASEIN is a collaborative net-based project by Jürgen Trautwein and Silvia Nonnenmacher.
A year in review – TTASEIN is Dasein in serious times under serious measures, a constant balancing act between hope and despair, using Art as the raft onto which to climb to save our sanity.

BY  Jürgen Trautwein ()

Jürgen Trautwein holds a masters degree from the University of the Arts in Berlin, Germany Trautwein’s work has been shown in museums, galleries, non profit spaces, festivals and art fairs all over the world. He lives and works with his wife Silvia Nonnenmacher in San Francisco and in Southern Germany. His work is represented by Gallery 60SIX in San Francisco,USA and Gallery Marek Kralewski in Freiburg, Germany Selected recent solo exhibitions: 2021 Topsy_Turvy_TTASEIN, Kunstverein Ladenburg, Ladenburg, Germany 2020 If Yesterday were Tomorrow Today would be Sunday, Gallery 60SIX, San Francisco Selected recent group exhibitions: 2021 International video poetry festival, Videobardo 25 years, Buenos Aires, Argentina 2020 ARTificial intelligence, Jönköpings Läns Museum, Sweden 05.30-08.23 ARTificial intelligence, Festival Miden, online screening in collaboration with Athens School of Fine Arts 60sec Festival, Right or Wrong Browsing, Copenhagen, Denmark Synthetic Zero Event: The Virtual is (Always) Already Real, BronxArtSpace, NYC