Through a simple question and answer process a connection is made between the artist, the work, the participant, some amorphous meaning and the human directed yet insensate influence of the machine world. We offer our telling of a human ecology, navigating our way through systems both real and imagined, trying to orient ourselves in the here and now within a cycle of collapse and re-organisation. Instead of explaining our work more explicitly as artists are often required to do, we ask the viewer to explain themselves to us instead, with the internet allowing a confessional quality that is not necessarily available in real life. We embrace the ambiguity of the work and the lack of certainty or purpose experienced in its unresolved state.

BY  Rachel Peachey Paul Mosig (AU)

Peachey & Mosig are Australian artists who use field studies and play as research tools to create mixed-media installations and internet based art works. They have an ongoing interest in human/environment relationships, which they explore from a range of perspectives. Their work celebrates notions of mystery and wonder, the centrality of the sense experience, the poetic relationship between science and philosophy and the meeting of the rational with the intuitive. They are committed to the process of collaboration, often working with their two children and practitioners from a range of other disciplines. Being both artists and developers they are continually experimenting with new ways to translate their work to the internet and in doing so attempt to bridge the gap between their experiences in the world and the online environment.