Uncanny is something strange or mysterious, especially in an unsettling way. When I heard the theme “Welcome to the Uncanny”, the first thing that came to mind were the road signs that welcome you when you arrive at a village or a small town. Having that in mind I did focus the whole game around a murder in a village where all the residents look like ghosts but at the same time they are not the enemy. You as the investigator have to find out what happened but be careful cause you might not be alone.

The festival is not responsible in case of damage caused by or during the installation of the game, as well as in case of the presence of a virus in the file associated with the game after its installation.

BY  Darkness Blade (GR)

I am a self-taught programmer, I started as a gamer who was making mods for games since I was 5 but I always wanted to make my own games from scratch. In 2009 I started making small games in the Unity game engine but I never released anything in the public. I am also a univercity student in the Hellenic Mediterranean University of Crete. I have plans to make my own Game development company soon. I have worked in many mini projects and games without any profit so far. This will be my first game I upload and share publicly.