‘Virtual Photography’ is the series name for these works of 2D very high resolution digital images produced in the game design environment Unreal Engine. Virtual photography works with the new forms of mimesis and semiotic indexicality involved when manipulating virtual objects that are textured with ultra high resolution scans of real objects and environments. Thematically the artworks explore a very wide range of human dimensions through narrative, cinematic, psychological and philosophical ideas unique to each image or image set (as some of the works are diptychs and triptychs). The images also include various forms of abstraction, which have historical connections to more experimental photographic practices such as photo-sculptures and light box constructions. While philosopher Stanley Cavell has claimed that ‘A painting is a world; a photograph is of the world,’ virtual photography short circuits this is/of difference by encompassing both media ontologies.


BY  Myk Eff (CZ)

Dr. Michael Filimowicz (artist name: Myk Eff) has exhibited in many new media shows such as SIGGRAPH Art Gallery, Re-New, ARTECH, Archetime, Intermedia and IDEAS, and currently streams his digital images on the Loupe Art platform. His work has also been featured in journals (e.g. Leonardo), many monographs (e.g. Infinite Instances and Spotlight) and a textbook (Reframing Photography, Routledge). He is Senior Lecturer in the School of Interactive Arts and Technology (SIAT) at Simon Fraser University. He has a background in computer mediated communications, audiovisual production, new media art and creative writing.