A corridor of an apartment is transformed into a claustrophobic and vertiginous vortex that swallows and imprisons you in the infinite fall through the miseen abyme: it’s a pure enclosure inside the image world, it’s the Descent into the Maelstrom.

BY  Alexandre Alagoa (PT)

Alexandre Alagôa, 1994. Based in Sesimbra, south of Lisbon. Graduated in Multimedia Art from the Faculty of Fine Arts of Lisbon in 2015. Completed an Audiovisuals Master’s degree at the same college in 2018. Worked as an Assistant/Technician at the Multimedia Department of the Faculty of Fine Arts of Lisbon from 2017 to 2018. Post Graduated in Sound Art from the same college in 2019. Selected exhibits and festivals: InShadow (Lisbon, Portugal, 2018), Festival Ecrã (Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, 2018), Festival Video Art Miden (Historic Center of Kalamata, Greece, 2018), IVAHM (Museu La Neomudéjar, Madrid, Spain, 2017).