Persephone’s Fall is the outcome of a practice-based study, that researches the contemporary form of mythical narration, as shaped by the digital tools available to modern day’s creators narrators. The scenic space of this audiovisual dance performance is intangible, as it’s being realized and visualized solely through the art of Projection Mapping. This digital tool instigates the interaction between space, body and light in order to successfully convey the Jungian archetypal Mother-Daughter dipole and the never-ending cycle of Life, Death and Rebirth as signified in the Homeric Hymn “To Demeter”. “Persephone’s Fall” thus functions, as a digital reflection of the primitive rituals of the Eleusinian Mysteries, always keeping in focus the myth of Persephone, all the while placing KORE herself at the center of the narration.

Date and Time: 15 Sept, 20:00

BY  Eleana Dimopoulou (GR)

Eleana Dimopoulou is a Digital and Makeup Artist. After studying “Interior Architecture, Decorative Arts and Design” at Technological Institute of Athens and obtaining a diploma of Makeup at Nikos Amarantos School of Hair and Makeup, Eleana went on furthering her education, by earning her Master’s degree, “Audiovisual Arts in the Digital Age”, at Ionian University. She has previously participated in the International Art Exhibition (2020) at Ocean Flower Island of China, the Synthetic Mediart Festival in Taiwan (2019), the 14th Athens Digital Arts Festival (2018), the 8th Athens Videodance Festival (2018) and Benaki Museum’s, OUT OPIAS exposition (2016), with her bachelor’s thesis, video-art project, “SISYPHUS”. In 2019 she directed DIOTIMA’s campaign #PAINted for the international day of gender based violence, and in 2021 she joined the mentors of the N.P.O. “Women on Top”. Eleana currently works as a Makeup Art Educator, while exploring her skills as a Digital Artist.