An audio-visual live show that brings to light the symbolic research embodied by the five videos of ATŌMI debut EP as well as by the evocative real-time sound manipulation through analog machines. A 45 minutes live performance that drives the viewer through a journey into the archetypal unconscious.

The Italian musician and composer ATŌMI, alias of Lorenzo Setti, finds in music a continuous meaning of expression, search and personal improvement. Exploring the world of frequencies, always bordering between sound and images, he creates soundtracks, installations and A/V live shows. The nuances belonging to the compositions are manifold and fluctuate between an oneiric vision, sometimes gloomy and sometimes dreamy, that drives the attention of the listener towards higher and immaterial planes, and what could be called an almost concrete and deeply visceral sound design. Ambient, space, noise, glitch, sound design and sound art, syncopated rhythms often transmuted into melodies and sound manipulation pushed almost at the limit of sound deconstruction, are surely genres and approaches that can describe his music without however exhaustively define the contours, because of the intrinsic changing nature of the path and search that characterise ATŌMI project.

The debut EP acquires new horizons and nuances, thanks to the collaboration with five visual artists: Alessandra Leone, Carlo Fanchini, Chiara De Maria, Matteo Gatti and Stefano Benatti. The intent is to once again cross all the borders, through the re-elaboration of the symbology and concept that permeate the EP, combining five unique ways of conceiving video art. The concept is simple but opens up to unexpected paths: five tracks, five visual artists and five videos, one per artist. Although profoundly distant in the choice of subjects, in the aesthetics and shooting technique, the videos are strongly connected and linked to each other, as directed by a single conductor, who conveys emotions and perceptions, above the parts, towards new goals of human awareness.

Date and Time: 22 Sept, 20:00

BY  Lorenzo Setti (IT)

ATŌMI is the alias of Lorenzo Setti, born in 1992 in Italy. He is a Berlin based musician and composer fascinated by the cosmos and the complex simplicity of nature. Setti started his career in music as a drummer, playing live in Europe and USA as opening act of bands including: Richie Ramone, Man Lifting Banner, Tre Allegri Ragazzi Morti and Ricky Rat. Online he went viral reaching million of people with his videos featured on the major magazines and TV shows. In 2016 He approached the world of electronic music production, sound art and AV installations. P He debuted in 2020 with the first EP of a trilogy concept project called “ARMØNIA” which was released on Tokyo based label Jikken Records and features the artwork by Serjan Burlak “Biogenic”. The EP consists of a musical and symbolic research enriched by the work of five directors: Alessandra Leone, Chiara De Maria, Carlo Fanchini, Cugeeno Benatti and Matteo Gatti, who created the video art videos for each of the five tracks. A The project was well acclaimed and gained a worldwide public also thanks to premieres on magazines such as: FACT mag., Digital in Berlin, Threshold mag and MEFD. ATŌMI will bring the AV live-set of “ARMØNIA” on tour in Fall 2022. In 2021 he co-produced the track “Water Water” featured in the album “WE” by violinist and composer Laura R Masotto (7K! Records). He has been featured in two charity compilation for humanitarian aid: “Sounds of Solidarity” curated by Luca Longobardi and “CLOSE\STARE” curated by Oigovisiones Records, with the tracks “Stasi” and “Õnde”. October 2022 will see the release of his first LP “Little Floating Oracles” via Lady Blunt Records: the album is a G deep, cinematic and emotional work about the pre-natal state of life, featuring opera singer Giulia Barozzi and violinist Laura Masotto. The evocative artwork has been designed by Riccardo Franco-Loiri “Akasha”. The project also includes the collaboration with photographer and movie director Chiara De Maria. Thanks to the collaboration with multimedia artists, architects and engineers, ATŌMI designs interactive and O immersive installations as well as audio visual live shows. His works have been exhibited in events such as: MMMAD Festival Urbano de Arte Digital de Madrid, Venice Climate Change Pavilion, Lightbox NYC - Creative Code Festival, Graphic Days Torino - Seeyousound, La Capsula Milano, Fuorisalone Milano Designweek and Festival Filosofia. I In recent years ATŌMI has also composed music for short films, silent movies, music libraries and advertising.