Time has become chaotic in quarantine, sometimes terribly fast, sometimes desperately slow. A time that is both full and empty: human relationships, emergency, sorrow, loneliness, uncertainty, neuroses, restrictions, and loss. Sometimes I feel like an animal that will gnaw its leg off to escape from a trap. We are in, we are out; it’s better, it’s worse; it’s death, it’s rebirth. We don’t know, we don’t know anything. We have gone back to being vulnerable, everything is still confused, everything still to be explored. I no longer recognize myself, I am different from the way I was here, and I am no longer how I was before. Who knows if I will be like that again? Maybe it was just an intermission or maybe I still have to figure out who I have become in this new Pandemic Era.

BY  Marcantonio Lunardi (IT)

Graduated in documentarist direction, since 2001 Lunardi has dealt with social and political documentation. His works have been put on display in famous international institutes such as: the National Art Center in Tokyo, the Galeri Nasional Indonesia in Jakarta. Lunardi was also a guest at many festivals of experimental cinema and video art such as: the Festival Internacional de Cine y Video Experimental in Bilbao, the N Minutes Video Art Festival in Shanghai. Moreover, he has also taken part in many Biennial Exhibitions such as: the Bienal del Fin del Mundo in Chile and Argentina.