Runaway, hide. But what’s going on? Casablanca has never been so empty, so swarming with people, with life. A city of millions of confined people. Zouhair Lalaam and I, therefore, decided to write “Casablanca Run The Covid” a kind of hide and seek with the virus, a ride, a race, a video game on a scooter filmed 360 ° by Zouhair under the Artistic direction of Kamel Ghabte. A film of 10 minutes without filter, raw in order to freeze by the image the extent of the damage of the coronavirus.

BY  Kamel Ghabte (FR)

Kamel Ghabte is a versatile digital artist who develops, My DIGITAL FOOD with Zouhair Lalaam, different tools and programs revolving around digital interactivity in real-time. Besides, he’s a consultant as well as a composer of electronic music and an instructor in digital audio and digital interactivity. Since 2007, Kamel Ghabte is a certified pro by Apple. His work revolves around artistic language, computer science as well as audio and visual content. His questioning focuses on the processes of artistic exchange, and the answers he gives are related to retranscription.