A Day in the Colony is a non-interactive simulation of communication systems and social interactions. Entities of the same genus, equipped with a singular vocabulary -the sum of English language as provided by the large lexical database ‘WordNet 3.0’- start to transmit the main keywords of their preference among each other. Keywords of relevance/semantic similarity bring entities together, into unified clusters. Clusters can welcome new members, expel older members, fight for screen territory through expansion, obtain the Jolly Roger of the unifying term that brought them together, or vanish through decay. As time passes, the viewer can confirm interesting patterns that presumably govern every communication system: singular entities connecting with large crowds (the Messiah figures), clusters that are stable enough to resist the pass of time (the Tribes figures), entities that do not manage to communicate and vanish (the Hermite figures).
Download: A Day in the Colony.zip

BY  Georgia Skartadou (GR)

Georgia Skartadou is a designer/digital artist, born and currently living in Greece. She holds a Diploma in Architectural Engineering (A.U.Th) and a postgraduate degree in Digital Arts (Ionian University), and she is a Certificate Student at the New Centre for Research & Practice. Her research focuses on a fusion between scientific method and digital technologies with artistic practice and aesthetics. With tools such as machine learning, data visualizations, simulated and digital environments, she tries to underline an enduring relationship between humans, tools and reality. Through production and distribution of images and texts, she investigates those means that potentially function as worldview generators.