Choose Your Own Quarantine is a web-based game, inspired by the Choose Your Own Adventure
books series first made popular in the 1980s. The game consists of three parts: Before, During,
and After the quarantine. The player is presented with a scenario that initially follows the real
timeline of COVID-19 development, but as the game goes on, players will notice that the options
become increasingly speculative and fictitious. Choose Your Own Quarantine reflects the
uncertainty of the current situation at large by showing the ways in which we attempt to reconcile
our unexpected present with our unknown future. The various outcomes of the game are intended
to raise questions as to which values, practices, and cultures will ultimately be enduring, and which
may become outdated remnants of the pre-pandemic world.

BY  Dasha Ilina (FR)

Dasha Ilina is a Russian digital artist based in Paris, France. Her work explores the relationship we develop with the digital devices we use on a daily basis, specifically in regards to the human body. Ilina’s work centers around the notions of care and technology, DIY practices and low-tech solutions to examine various issues such as phone addiction, tech-related health problems and privacy in the digital age. Sofia Haines is an American screenwriter, playwright, and poet based in Paris, France. Her work centers around the biographical moments behind the growing pains of young adulthood as well as shifting traditional family dynamics in the wake of loss and change.