The Cinematic Virtual Reality experience is an exploration of a former German industrial coal and steel production site, which transformed into a public park in 1994. The last shift was worked on the 4 April 1985 and the former ‘Wirtschaftswunder’ turned into an industrial wasteland. A New Dawn is a memoryscape, which takes a critical approach and uses the Aurora Borealis as an audio-visual representation of life out of balance. Imagine the magnetic fields have shifted through climate change and the collision of electronically charged particles would happen in our proximity. Simultaneously the interpretation of Aurora’s in dreams signifies a positive outlook. A dream with an Aurora means important things will happen and ‘magnetic’ outcomes are about to appear on the horizon. Field recording: Simon Longo. Soundtrack by RNA Studio: Paulo Hartmann and Andre Namur. Mix Ambisonics: Daniel Sasso.

BY  Max Schleser (AU)

Max Schleser’s experimental films, moving-image arts and cinematic VR projects are screened at film festivals and exhibited in galleries as well as museums (, including FLEFF Film Festival (USA), Festival de La Imagen (Columbia), Museu da Imagem e do Som do Estado (Brazil), London Gallery West, South London Gallery (both UK), New Zealand Film Archive – Na Tonga Sound and Vision, Te Papa Tongarewa – Museum of New Zealand (both Aotearoa/New Zealand), Pocket Film Festival and Videoscope (both France). His community engaged documentaries are broadcasted on TV and online. His mobile feature film Max with a Keitai (2007) is included in the public film archive in the Forum des Images (France) and Frankenstorm (2014) was broadcasted on CTV, Canterbury Television (New Zealand). He is the Creative Director of collaborative digital storytelling platform 24 Frames 24 Hours (2016) and (2018). His transmedia project #Nucleus (2019) ( won multiple awards internationally.