The work was born as a digital transposition of the soundwalk / ɡlɔssolaˈlia /, a project presented by the Ensemble at the Tempo Reale Festival 2020. This transposition stems from the idea that the Ensemble, like many other artists in the same situation, works on the temporary impossibility of realizing an inclusive performance according to traditional canons due to the pandemic situation. IAD is a digital “path” that investigates by bringing the user closer to it, the idea of the ecologically conceived sound space. During the performance, this area, no longer sensorially tangible but volatile, will be composed of the sound environment of the individual rooms / houses and of the people who are inside the digital space at that given moment. This itinerary consists of 8 sound actions, during which the users will investigate the infinite possibilities of sound emission linked to them and to their electronic devices. From an expressive point of view, the performance focuses its attention, and develops, the dichotomy between the open and public space of the digital world and the closed, private and personal one where you choose how to produce sound, using your own body but only and solely as part of the digital extensions of it (smartphone, computer, smart TV, etc.). This condition will reflect the typical everyday life of the pandemic, where most of the communication, both verbal and non-verbal, is obligatorily digital.

BY  tis ixus ensemble tis ixus ensemble (GR)

The ensemble is created in 2018 when Niki Lada (Soprano) and Alessia Damiani (Composer and Electroacoustic Performer), both interested in contemporary classical repertoire, meet. Its debut takes place in September 2020 in the Tempo Reale Festival 2020 "UNLOCKED SOUND" (Italy) with the sound walk /ɡlɔssolaˈlia/. On January 30 2021, the video art /dis'tantse/ is broadcasted on the radio marathon on Ràdioilla Formentera 107.9 FM organized by Freedom the New Human Manifesto (Spain). On March 9 2021 /dis'tantse/ was also included in Audiovisual Poetic Anthology by Revista Innombrable (Mexico). /dis'tantse/ has furthermore travelled to Lacuna Festivals 2021 (Spain), to Artperformingfestival -performance art an independent art festival of Italy "L'Umanita - il mondo che verra" 2021(Naples-Castel dell'Ovo) and to the ARTICULATE Virtual Gallery for "Pandemic Art 1.0" exhibition, waiting to be published in November 2021 as part of ARTICULATE'S hard copy book debut. The ensemble performs both existing repertoire as well as unpublished one of performative character.