In my work, the “natural” or human appears as an object, a sheet that decorates the imaginary space and also appears as a disembodied organ that lies over a sheet that has the appearance of human skin. Figures inhabit a cartesian abstract space that situates them in an unreachable place: a digital environment. By representing the “natural” by the means of “unnatural” techniques of software, I attempted to represent the way in which the human or the body in human inhabits the technical environment: by means of representation. This artwork proposes to think about human connection in its negative form: about the impossibility of the real concrete body to touch or contact the digital, and the substitute reliance on representation and liminal communication.

BY  Javiera Depassier (CL)

Chilean artist and art philosophy graduate. Has circumscribed her work to the fundamental question concerning the transformations that of our rapidly evolving technoscientific social framework has impressed upon our subjectivity. Specifically, her work has coalesced into a meditation over the mutually constitutive relation between the inorganic and the organic, machine and body, technology and the sensitive-sensible. Has participated in group and solo exhibitions in Chile and abroad. During 2021 she participated in the various exhibitions and received a Fulbright scholarship to pursue her master's degree in the United States.