Yes, human nature is controversy – physically & spiritually.

Human Nature (2008) | Stine Gonshold | NO | 01:50 min
About Human Nature.

Harey Solaris (2015) | Roland Quelven | FR | 04:51 min
Хари | Harey, the female character ( of the novel Solaris by S. Lem) who committed suicide with Kelvin, returns as his visitor at Solaris station. The “second” Хари | Harey becomes aware of her transient nature and is haunted by being Solaris’s means-to-an-end, affecting Kelvin in unexplored ways.

Crop Duster Octet (2013) | Gregg Biermann | US | 05:32 min
In Crop Duster Octet, the iconic “crop duster” sequence from Hitchcock’s North by Northwest in which Cary Grant is repeatedly attacked by a small airplane swooping from the sky is deconstructed into eight horizontal bands, each of which is slightly out of synch with the next. As the scene (and, in particular, Grant’s body) is continuously deconstructed, the patterns of action are refigured and intensified, culminating in a crescendo of convergence.

De cara a la muerte (2013) | Sándor M. Salas | ES | 03:52 min
Video poem about Ángel Guinda’s (Zaragoza, 1948).

It goes on (2013) | Theresa Khalil | EG | 05:40 min
The film questions the idea of life and having children. Theresa Khalil is an Egyptian, a writer, documentary filmmaker, designer, and content creator on YouTube. “Let me inspire you or get in touch and let me help you tell your story.”

The Lord’s Prayer (2014) | Istvan Horkay | HU | 05:04 min
The Lord’s Prayer, The Poet = subject of historical memory and personal memory.

Still Alives (2005) | Laurent Pernot | FR | 02:34 min
This project of musical video, by linking the languages of animation and the video compositing, puts in a dynamic report a series of old and more recent photographic images, and from various sources (Hungary, Germany, France, Russia, etc.). The camera (here virtual) plunges in a luminous child’s face and lets us cross over a sequence of portraits in morphing, and hence, which seem to be animated the ones with the others, like a unique alive flesh… until the rise and the obliteration of each face into the nothingness. Still Alives calls a broad concept about the transmission of life, memory, and disappearance. Thus, it tries to propose, by the construction of a poetic universe, an arborescent and universal vision of the human being.

Curated by Wilfried Agricola de Cologne
Wilfried Agricola de Cologne is the creator, director and chief curator of artvideoKOELN (founded in 2005) and The New Museum of Networked Art (founded in 2001) – hosting numerous project platforms in an exchange between virtual & physical space – A Virtual Memorial Foundation, ENGAD -Engaged Arts Directory, JavaMuseum – Forum for Internet Technology in Contemporary Art and, NewMediaFest – representing an international platform for the realisation of global networking in the field of audio-visual art – including CologneOFF – the international festival network (2005-2020), Violence Online Festival (2002-2005), The RRF Project (2003-2007), TheW:OW Project (2017-2020).

BY  The WOW Art Film and Video Festival  (DE)

Like NewMediaFest2007 and NewMediaFest 2010, also NewMediaFest2020 can be considered as a new form of a festival structure running for one entire year in an exchange between virtual and physical space based on retrospective and future-oriented programs in diverse digital media. NewMediaFest2020 is planned as a retrospective of the global networking (2000-2020) including more than 5000 artists in different digital art disciplines, more than 100 associated curators and about 800 institutional structures like museums, public galleries, festivals, congresses, etc. manifested in 12 monthly festival editions to be realized in physical space together with physical partners and a complementary program in virtual space, including individual daily changing program components manifested in the 365 Days Diary. The Corona crisis currently, however, is thwarting these plans by reducing NewMediaFest2020 to mainly online activities. This may change until the end of 2020.