Despite all attempts, art is indivisible!

The confession of an aphasic writer (2014) | Anca Bucur | RO | 03:31 min
The confession of an aphasic writer is a videopoem based on the main statements of Wittgenstein’s Tractatus Logico-Philosophicus which put into discussion the relation between language and reality, focusing upon the structural isomorphism, the logical identity between the two. The aphasic subject finds himself in the impossibility of actualizing the connection between reality and language, lacking the capacity of expressing the language he contains and which in turn contains him.

Iterations (2014) | Gregg Biermann | US | 05:37 min
In Iterations, a scene from Hitchcock’s Rear Window (1954) is sliced into nineteen columns, each moving at a slightly different speed, growing progressively faster from left to right. Only at one instant do all nineteen columns briefly align. Rear Window is a film about the desire to see and thereby to understand—or misunderstand.

Chamelion Seeking Colour (2015) | Machia & Lolina | UK | 07:40 min
In a darkened room, children whisper secrets to each other and enter a world of pigments. They imagine geometrical shapes that mutate like chromophores. The ability to change their colour is a notorious characteristic of the chameleons, but only recently it has been observed that they love dressing up as housewives, metalworkers, greengrocers.

Maslenitsa (2015) | Emil Zenko & Evgenij Romashov | BY | 02:28 min
It’s difficult to motivate the most part of Belarusians to be interested in Art. People rarely attend exhibitions. Although, there are crowds of people on such festivity, as Maslenitsa with kitsch decorations and burning of the “Maslenitsa” effigy.
In our video “Maslenitsa” we worked with the metaphor: empty fields were similar to empty galleries. Also, we have burned out our first academic works in the name of our future success.
There is a popular belief: the act of burning of “Maslenitsa” effigy should bring fruitful forces. Our “performance” – it’s the desire to pay attention to Belarusians to contemporary art.

“I would claw my eyes out” (2015) Valerio DE BONIS | IT | 09:00 min
This video artwork tries to suggest to better direct your own point of view. The concept lies in the relationship between appearance and reality. Sometimes it happens that a lot of side effects are caused by the preponderance of the aspect among the content. “I would claw my eyes out” show you that by directing your personal perspective you can reduce that undesirable effects.

Virus (2012) | Francesca Fini | IT | 05:00 min
A video on the obsessive manipulation of my own image, which becomes a metaphor for the general confusion between real and virtual of the “SociĂ©tĂ© du spectacle” prefigured by Guy Debord. The digital culture and its tools become a self-destructive virus. I could work on the face of Osama Bin Laden, but the fake photo-montage spread by the media as proof of his death is already an unattainable work of art. I then brought the concept within myself, in the heart of my “feminine” self-destructiveness, where the pen of the tablet becomes an “augmented” surgical scalpel deep into the void.

Curated by Wilfried Agricola de Cologne
Wilfried Agricola de Cologne is the creator, director and chief curator of artvideoKOELN (founded in 2005) and The New Museum of Networked Art (founded in 2001) – hosting numerous project platforms in an exchange between virtual & physical space – A Virtual Memorial Foundation, ENGAD -Engaged Arts Directory, JavaMuseum – Forum for Internet Technology in Contemporary Art and, NewMediaFest – representing an international platform for the realisation of global networking in the field of audio-visual art – including CologneOFF – the international festival network (2005-2020), Violence Online Festival (2002-2005), The RRF Project (2003-2007), TheW:OW Project (2017-2020).

BY  The WOW Art Film and Video Festival  (DE)

Like NewMediaFest2007 and NewMediaFest 2010, also NewMediaFest2020 can be considered as a new form of a festival structure running for one entire year in an exchange between virtual and physical space based on retrospective and future-oriented programs in diverse digital media. NewMediaFest2020 is planned as a retrospective of the global networking (2000-2020) including more than 5000 artists in different digital art disciplines, more than 100 associated curators and about 800 institutional structures like museums, public galleries, festivals, congresses, etc. manifested in 12 monthly festival editions to be realized in physical space together with physical partners and a complementary program in virtual space, including individual daily changing program components manifested in the 365 Days Diary. The Corona crisis currently, however, is thwarting these plans by reducing NewMediaFest2020 to mainly online activities. This may change until the end of 2020.