It is very painful to be born in a country where you are constantly faced with decisions about yourself but without your intervention, and you would be obliged to accept them as divine rules. An issue that makes geographic determinism, even more, apparent. My generation in Iran, with wistfulness to enjoy youth, wakes up every day with bad news and fear for another war, instead of happiness and freedom. Although in this tense house, all silver linings are gradually disappearing, and all the idols that had built for us are also gradually destroying. Now instead of liberty we would accept this limbo. Obviously, we are trapped and there is no refuge

BY  Sahar Tarzi (IR)

Sahar Tarzi was born in 19/03/1989, Tehran, Iran. In 2013 she got a Bachelor of Arts in Cinema (Directing) and in 2020 she got a Master of Arts in Animation.