The artworks “Paintscapes” and “Alienscapes” are an artistic & theoretical research on the Nature’s fractals, perceived by the viewer as Landscape Scenes. In their technological part, they consist of Digital (New) Media (3d animation / data visualization, music visualization, live visuals).
This artwork’s research is about the two-way audio / video relationship and its real-time representation through live video illustrations, forms part of contemporary state-of-the-art research of live visuals & generative art. Its artistic objective is primarily on exploring the terms of production and design of the digital audiovisual form and is distinguished on originality and the acquisition of a critical mass of experimental manipulations.


Thomas Valianatos was born in Athens and attended Athens School of Fine Arts, receiving a B.A. in Painting in 2003 and a M.A. in Digital Arts in 2006. The body of his work ranges from 2d & 3d animation works and comic book art works to electronic music composition and live audiovisual performances (1998-2020). Since 2010 he has been teaching as Lecturer (Permanent Lecturer, since 2020) at the Department of Audio & Visual Arts of Ionian University, in both to undergraduate and postgraduate students, academic art, 2d/3d animation, digital illustration, non linear narratives and Live Visuals. His artworks, in the form of original comic book art, digital prints, live electronic music, videos and live audio & visual performances, have been exhibited both nationally and internationally at various international festivals and art exhibitions and in various publishers and advertising films in Cinema & TV, including the 10th European and Mediterranean Young Artists Biennale, ZKM, National Museum of Contemporary Art (Athens, EMST), Michael Cacoyannis Foundation (MCF), ARTATHINA, Athens Digital Arts Festival (ADAF), Cambridge Science Festival, Splice Festival, LPM Live Performers Meeting, Synch Festival, China VISAP, Athens Science Festival, Athens International Comics Festival.