Tiresias is a blind seer from the Greek mythology, who has lived as a man and a woman.

In pursuit of its identity, TIRESIAS, a non-anthropomorphic figure, develops a dynamic partnership with a human co-performer, avoiding dualities of the physical and the mechanical.’TIRESIAS’ knowledge is reflected in sound-waves as an approach to materialise the machine’s perception. Acting as a contemporary prophet, TIRESIAS is trained on Twitter data, generating its own interpretations of the future. We live in an era, in which we rely on technological systems. We trust the machines, follow their instructions, minimising our cognitive process. We need to be critical toward all “smart devices” we fill our lives with.

TIRESIAS acts as a critique that lays the foundations for mutual coexistence with the more-than-human ecosystem. Living on a planet nurtured by technological acceleration, we need to address the reality in which communities, politics, culture and technology are interacting.

BY  Eleni Xynogala (GR)

Eleni holds a Master of Arts in Interaction Design Communication at the University of the Arts London. She is an artist, designer and developer who explores different disciplines and experiments with creative media and interactive technologies. Her recent work addresses speculative and critical aspects of embodied experiences through art, design and technology. Exploring the disparity of perception within the real and the virtual, her performative installations are setting questions about what does experience mean to us. Her practice allows collaboration of the human with the non-human, arising empathy for the alien form. She participated in the collaborated residency of HIVE at thecamp on 2019 (Aix-en-Provence). She has exhibited her work in different museums and festivals, such as the Victoria & Albert museum (London), Ars Electronica Festival 2018 (Linz), Design Festival 2018 (London), Digital Art Festival 2019 (Athens), Video Dance Project 2020 (Athens). She attended the Fellowship program of Venice Biennale by the British Council on 2019. She won the award of ARTWORKS in Visual Arts and she is part of the Fellowship Program on 2019-2020 (Athens).