An ensemble and a collision of electronic music and geometric figures. Young authors carry out various combinations and transformations through simple geometric shapes to explore the possibility of visual compositions. Then they create dynamic movement through the imagination of music, so that the elements and electronic music can communicate and merge well. They aim to compose a powerful electronic audio-visual abstract film.

BY  Zhouye Sun, Qing Xue, Ping Ki Yip, Nga Lam Siu  (HK)

All the four artists come from School of Creative Media in City University of Hong Kong. Ping Ki Yip, an animator who is interested in the connection between real and virtual, fascinates with the uniqueness of visual language. She also enjoys to explore the possibility to express this reality with unseen visual creation. Zhouye Sun, an artist who has strong enthusiasm in the transform of motifs and textures. And she is on the way of exploring the beauty in color, sound and emotions. Qing Xue, an artist who mainly focuses on exploring various forms of animations. She also has strong interests in expressing her inner thoughts and emotions by creating unique moving image. Nga Lam Siu, a cat lover. She keens on painting and making 2D and 3D animation to wider her horizons and gain experience.