Due to the success of a previous collaboration, Truscott, director of the graphic and visual arts program at Utah Valley University, developed the film Bound with his students, as inspired by Entropy Retrograde). A man finds himself in front of a fire in a deep wood. He is startled by the glimpse of another presence and follows in pursuit. The chase leads him to a mountain lake and into the water. As he swims down he relives the trauma of a car accident. Before he can save the victim he loses consciousness and becomes the one needing rescue. With the help of another he makes it out alive – or, does he? Prompted by a scientific website, the fixed media piece, “Entropy Retrograde,” takes the idea of using recordings of glass and treating it to take the random and unorganized, honing it into distinct directions, finishing with focused energy.

BY  Brandon Truscott (US)

Brandon Truscott (director) Truscott has executed a variety of projects in the areas of Brand Identity, Publication, Package and Motion design. His art and design has been reviewed by critics in the Times-Standard, Art Business, San Francisco Chronicle, New York Times, featured more than 20 times in the AIGA Member Gallery and recently published by [BranD] Magazine, Hong Kong. Brandon is currently an Associate Professor of Motion Graphics at Utah Valley University, and the Principal & Founder of Oibbio LLC. Jack Ballard (music) Ballard has composed, performed and produced a variety of music, from classical, world and film music to jazz and bluegrass to punk and hip hop. The ballet, The Castle, received the Thanatopolis Prize for Memorial Composition for its “Lament”, and Four Seasons reached finalist in the American Prize in 2019 and winner of the Festival Fresco Composition Competition for his piano trio (2021). A Fulbright Scholar and Specialist in world music, his pieces infuse classical and ethnic styles from throughout the world.