The Krasnodar Public Transport Orchestra invites you to its 24-hour online performance. This is an experimental musical project implemented in the format of a website, pulling up live data on the coordinates and traffic of public transport in the Russian city of Krasnodar and correlating the speed of movement with the height of the note. The musical canvas generated by the algorithms is an echo of the real actions of vehicle drivers: every touch of the gas pedal or brake pedal affects the character of the sound.

BY  Max Alyokhin (RU)

Born in 1994 in Krasnodar, Russia, living and working in Saint Petersburg. Graduated from Krasnodar College of Electronic Device Engineering and the Academy of Marketing and Social Information Technologies with a specialty in “Computing Machines, Complexes, Systems and Networks”. Co-founder and active member of the Kiuss art-group. The main fields of activities are web development and book publishing. Is currently conducting research in the field of computing machine semiotics.