“The Life of Saint Fiona Bianco Xena” tells the hotly disputed story of the fictitious saint’s life. Saint Fiona’s story is presented in a hyper-chromatic, unholy panorama – a maelstrom of figures, stories and symbols occurring on different timelines, dimensions and scales. She is a kaleidoscopic vision of one woman seen through three rotating eyes, an illusion of separated light scattering in different directions.

An elderly woman with red painted cheeks cradles a wounded child tenderly to her breast, mother of the motherless. A crystal-eyed robot holds a bouquet of roses, a cigarette hanging roughly from her lips. A thick-thighed girl with a long green braid kicks and pirouettes, taking impossible leaps in the night sky.

BY  Fantasia Malware (DE)

Fantasia Malware is a collective and a video game label that makes fantastical, magical, corrupt, chaotic software. The collective develops and publishes video games and live performances using game engines and other software. Fantasia Malware is Chloê Langford, Jira Duguid and Gabriel Helfenstein.