A 360VR film by Gianluca Abbate and Eduard Escoffet
With the participation of Lello Voce
Distributed by: Rete Cinema Basilicata and Noeltan Film

After so many generational repetitions and beneath so many layers is a territory to be negotiated beyond each person’s skin, inside: the cavity that echoes the intimate and singular identity of everyone. The voice that populate this film bring us to various spaces in Matera, from tourist agglomerations to the town’s internal spaces (grottes, caves, cisterns, lanes, rooms) and the body’s own unassailable space: pleasure and desire for other bodies that no one can cancel.

BY  Gianluca Abbate (IT)

Gianluca Abbate is an Italian video artist and filmmaker based in Rome, born in Salerno on 5th June 1980. His works have been shown at national and international museums and exhibitions, such as Macro, Maxxi, Palais de Tokyo. And at several film and video art festivals: AnnArbor Film Festival, Torino Film Festival, Videoformes, Now&After, Athens Digital Arts Festival, Visioni Italiane. He has also won several awards such as Nasto d'Argento, the best short film at Torino Film Festival, and more.