Counterfactual Mythology is an attempt to break the anthropocentric sensorium and our visual regime and question supposedly natural bodily actions and reactions in order to explore a different perspective on architectural aesthetic and the so called ‘real’ environment. The original VR experience is an experiment about new a type of communication between a semi physical – semi virtual space and is meant to be explored by two users at the same time. The first user is wearing a motion capture suit. With the body movements, he/she controls the geometry and appearance of the virtual space and creates an immersive interactive soundscape. The second user is embodying a chameleon and is navigating through the virtual world with the eyes (HMD) attached to the hands (controllers). The dislocated eyes create a completely new sense of embodiment in VR and consequently a different way of perceiving the surrounding architectural space.

BY  Anna Pompermaier (AT)

Anna Pompermaier is an Innbruck (AT) based digital artist, architect and engineer. In her research she tries to explore the synthetic corporeality of the contemporary self and its new constructions of consciousness within the technological colonization of the body. Her work is implementing different narrative medias as well as XR performative installations to explore how our culture of global interconnectivity is creating new technological beliefs and communication strategies thereby uninterruptedly expanding and challenging our sense of reality and leading to the hallucination of new soft(ware)-mythologies. She tries to apply the physical specificity of the body’s experience to the design of ‘more fluid’ human-computer interaction environments in order to discover new sensorimotor capacities of navigating space. Credits: Cenk Güzelis, Jonas Längenfelder, Jan Claßen, Jim Wagner