Photo images of flowers turns into 3D system that reacts to music tension.
Audiovisual Installation Crystalline Flow explores hidden intersection between sound properties and perception of moving image. In 3 parts three different photo images of flowers crystallize and dissolve in a stream of sound. These photographs are part of a series of previous works devoted to the study of the perception of color and light.

BY  Michael Mesiats (RU)

Moonth is an alias of Michael Mesiats, a new media artist based in Saint-Petersburg. In his artworks, organic forms blend with futuristic digital images by creating immersive worlds. Moonth explores generative graphics, motion sensors capture, and artistic data interpretation. A significant part of his work is the interaction between music, dance, and digital media. As an artist, he was commissioned for making a graphic for ballet performance at Mariinsky Theatre. He was involved as a participant in Pixelfest, Saint-Petersburg Light Festival 2018, Odessa Light Fest, Gatchina Light Festival. His work was exhibited at Saint-Petersburg, Moscow, New York, Berlin and others both online and offline.