The work is about detachment. Detachment of consciousness, detachment from the world, detachment from each other, detachment from reality. It seems impossible to imagine a new future, something different, something revolutionary. Without us even realizing it the world suddenly became too complex, too chaotic, and unpredictable for us to change or reimagine. As a result we retreat into a world that is manageable and curated to our very own tastes and interests.

Sometimes this dream world can be a wonderful and enriching place, at other times it can be alienating and disorienting; shouting into the void only to be instantly buried by countless other shouts, selfies, products, political statements, breaking news, clickbait, and morning coffees. We lose focus, and we forget where we are and why we logged on in the first place. Is this a party? Is this online? The work plays with these tensions, utilizing humor it touches on themes of death, agency, eternity, fetish, and delusion. There are two competing voices oscillating between incoherent drunk banter and narrative sobering thoughts on life and reality that draw connections to physical, actual drunkenness and our detachment from consciousness and reality as a whole. This is a kind of digital drunkenness that rejects the complications of the real world, opting for make believe.

BY  Chloe Simmons (US)

Based in Madison Wisconsin, Chloë Simmons is an interdisciplinary, concept driven artist working in a wide range of media from video and animation to custom made objects produced by online businesses. Her highly appropriative practice often explores themes of disillusionment, the internet, consumerism, sexuality, and death. Chloë Simmons was born and raised in St. Louis, Missouri where she completed her BFA in Printmaking at Webster University in 2019. She is currently working toward her MFA in 4D at University of Wisconsin Madison.