The title of the work quotes the concept of VR, a popular imaging technology, and named Cultivated Reality (CR). the name is an attempt to bring the concept of reality from the scientific and technological field to the social field for discussion. The work uses ironic methods to reverse the imaging method of making images, greatly reducing the pixels of the image and repeatedly returning its color signals, resulting in excessive and distorted frame images, and then re-drawing the outline of the images one by one, forming a kind of gorgeous and illusory New world. While current mainstream technologies are pursuing real experience. But in some places, they operate in reverse, reducing the resolution of real images to create their ideal real appearance. This series of works takes the images of the 1989 Tiananmen Square protests incident as samples, and is produced by the above-mentioned methods.

BY  Wu Siou ming (TW)

Wu Siou Ming is a Kaohsiung-based sound artist and producer. His multi-disciplinary works in sound, digital video, installation and electronic music have been widely presented across Taiwan. Ming’s site specific projects explore phenomenology and human perception along with social issues facing urban spaces in his hometown: economic injustice, youth protest and unsustainable environmental practices. His installations and performances have won him numerous awards from prestigious organizations including the National Art Exhibition ROC, Austronesian International Arts, Taipei Creativity City and Taoyuan Creative Aesthetics. He has got the international culture exchange grants by Ministry of Culture of Taiwan, United State Department of State, and his artworks have been presented in U.S, U.K, Europe and Asia.