I created a private utopia for myself to heal my emotions. In different times, spaces and places, the colors reflected by the soap bubbles are re-constructed to create special memories about specific places, people, and cities. Mainz Nr.5 This work was created during my first month in Mainz when I was in this city. The work contains many local elements such as the Main River and the sky bridge. Impressions, the wind by the river, the yellowish horizon and all the colors from nature have re-formed a new welcome image in my world. The important thing is that this special place is my personal and unique private space during the epidemic. Different experiences and memories have shaped each fresh life, and this is my special memory fragment, and it is precisely these that have shaped the unique me.

BY  Yawei Chen (CN)

Chen Yawei was born in Hebei, China in 1992. In 2011, she entered the Sichuan Academy of Fine Arts to study systematically. She received a bachelor's degree in painting in 2015. She came to Germany in 2016 and began to explore other professional directions of free art, such as sculpture, video and Painting, transferred to Mainz University of the Arts in 2019, and began to study photography with professor Judith Samen, during which he created a series of integrated media photography works such as Mainz N r.5. Participated in the RAY Idealogie master class in April 2021. The project began to be exhibited at the Museum Angewandt Kunst in Frankfurt on September 1.