This is a technical concept, which in today’s radical Cybernetic society, it becomes particularly important. What this work wants to show is that in the current profound technological evolution, the way of seeing and the action of presenting are constantly changing and that this is a radical change. We are in this type of change, and most of the time they are hidden, secret changes that they affect ourselves without even being aware of their existence. This project is based on archaeology itself and extends to technical presentations. From tangible philosophy to intangible philosophy, from existentialism to nihilism. The work tries to express this small thing that will occur at any time. It doesn’t matter if it’s the Paleolithic era or the technological era, stratigraphy silently records everything, even if we don’t see or hear it, like the little noise in life.

BY  Peirui Yang (CN)

杨珮瑞 Peirui Yang is an interdisciplinary artist and archaeologist. Her research is about archaeology and contemporary art, especially the connection between prehistoric art and contemporary art. As an archaeologist and artist, she is dedicated to exploring artistic creation and academic practice under multiple identities.