This 360 videos about the new possibilities that Virtual Reality can give us as a new artistic medium finding its language of expression. In cinema the language is montage and the compression and expansion of time, in Videogame it is the mechanics and the exploration of worlds. Virtual Reality neither one thing nor the other, it is something new that one must find its own language within. Use this video as a way to experiment and explore the language of virtual reality as an artform.

BY  Rognel Alejandro, Cegarra Briante Rognel Alejandro, Cegarra Briante (VE/BO)

Rognel Alejandro Cegarra Briante is attempting of expanding the limits of Art and Science to create changes of consciousness. He is an Architect of Virtual Worlds (3D Graphics Artist) He is providing Design services, Modeling, Visualization and training in Three-Dimensional Graphic Computing. He has a degree in Graphic Design and Plastic Arts and always learning being very curious about everything