In this video the plant world is bodybuilt, ready to fight or to show off. Griffaud uses the cult of the body and the intensive practice of bodybuilding as a material and a language. Griffaud is inspired by the way some individuals sometimes stage their bodies in front of a mirror or on social networks. He tries to relate this radical conception of being, which oscillates between a perfect lifestyle and an intimidating way of life, to the contemporary problem of preserving biodiversity.

BY  Jeremy Griffaud (FR)

Jérémy GRIFFAUD is a young artist from Nice who graduated from the Pavillon Bosio in Monaco in 2017. He paints watercolors of an imaginary mode that he digitizes and then animates by computer. These animations can be seen in the form of films, but also in virtual reality or in the form of immersive video installations. He takes the viewer to share his fascination of colorful and hypnotic parallel worlds, while revealing the problems of our time. These bewitching, hypnotic, psychedelic and singular worlds question the relationship between Man and Nature. His short films have been screened more than a hundred times in about thirty countries.In 2021, his film Dungeon won twice the prize for best animation at the Boden Film Festival in Sweden and at Emerald Peacock in Saint-Petersburg.