(Look at the moon). She has a strange look. She is like a little princess who wears a yellow veil, and whose feet are of silver.. […] One might fancy she was dancing.

You must not look at her. You look too much at her.

Those men are mad. They have looked too long on the moon.

Hide the moon! Hide the stars! (…). I begin to be afraid.

Oscar Wilde, Salomè

Like windows opened to a remote future, some monitors transmit the data of an ancient fairy tale to the traveler.
It is a fairy tale in which all the characters are mortally seduced by a single frenzy: conquer the moon. Desiring something that can not be achieved can lead to madness or utopia.
It pushes us towards unknown territories.
Walk on the surface of the moon. Once the sacrilege of leaving a footprint in the non-place of desire par excellence, what is to be done?
Get lost in the dark, and be afraid, to get back on the road: in search of the moon, of another utopia.

BY  Alessandro Amaducci (IT)

Born in Turin (Italy) in 1967. He works as a teacher of video language and practice in DAMS, a Department of the University of Turin, Italy. Since 1989 he has produced experimental videos, documentaries, music videos, video installations, multimedia shows, video scenographies for dance performances.